ReelBoss Aluminium Fishing Pliers


ReelBoss Aluminium Fishing Pliers


ReelBoss Aluminium Multi-Function Fishing Pliers

  • Hook removal
  • Braid and line cutting
  • Split ring nose for changing hooks
  • Crimping
  • Fully anodized
  • Rust resistant

The last fishing pliers you will ever need. Reel it in, Like a boss!

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Fishermen are realizing that this tool is supremely important for a better quality fishing experience.  These Aluminium Pliers genuinely make fishing easier by taking away most fishing annoyances and being so readily available for any situation.

Our pliers alone can replace many other fishing tools, saving you space, money, and energy.  The ReelBoss Aluminum Pliers can be used for various situations such as hook removals, crimping, cutting, it even has a split ring tip for changing lure hooks.  Being fishers ourselves, we can confidently say that it replaces about 6 tools all by itself.  You won’t need to buy any of those single function tools and can save yourself space and energy by carrying just this one light weight tool.

Get pliers you can use forever.  These pliers are fully anodized, meaning that they’ll remain fully rust proof and corrosion resistant for life.  The cutters are replaceable and made of an extremely strong tungsten carbide which can cut through just about anything and pry apart the toughest materials.  Never worry about damage or breaks again.

Keep these on you everywhere you go.  These super lightweight pliers come in a sheath that allows you to easily hang it from your belt.  You can take it out and use it wherever you want, whenever you want.  With its lanyard attachment, you’ll never worry about dropping it into the water or losing it.  If you accidentally drop it, it’ll simply hang securely from the sheath on your belt.

Order yours now to take away all the hassle and start truly enjoying fishing.

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