ReelBoss ReelFluoro 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Line


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Fishers and Anglers are now realizing how much easier it is to catch fish using our 100% fluorocarbon leader. This cutting edge Japanese technology is helping beginner fishers get their first catches faster than ever, and helping professional anglers take their fishing to the next level.

Our leader can help you catch more fish with less effort. It’s made of a 100% complex fluorocarbon, which is virtually invisible to any fish. This will trick the fish into seeing your bait as safe food, raising your number of bites and greatly increasing your chances for that big catch.

Using this fluorocarbon leader will convert more of your bites into catches. This material is specifically designed for maximum durability that will stay strong and intact even in toughest situations. Whether it’s strong bites, jagged rocks, pieces of wood, or other random nuisances, you’ll never worry about losing any of your catches ever again.

Never lose a knot again using our leader. Fluorocarbon strands are strong and dynamic, but soft at the same time. The material will help you tie perfect knots and hold onto your line securely, making sure that your line and leader stay connected until your big catch. Since the material is so soft and supple, it won’t ever cut into your hands while tying. Giving you smooth, fast fishing.

Order now and be amazed as your cast to catch rate doubles.

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4lb/50m, 6lb/50m, 10lb/50m, 12lb/50m, 15lb/50m, 20lb/30m, 30lb/30m, 40lb/30m, 50lb/30m, 60lb/30m, 80lb/30m


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